Purpose is your new boss

“When you really put your people first, we think it’s logical that the rest will follow automatically,” states Marc-Peter of Viisi, a Dutch mortgage advice company that aims to change the world of finance. “We like to keep it very simple. We have one rule and that’s the Golden Rule: treat others like you want to be treated. Everything we do flows from that.” Marjolijn: “Why I’m so excited about Viisi is that lots of people are interested in that, but you’re actually doing it.” MPP: “Yeah, that’s why I’m here!” This new episode of the HR Matters podcast is about holacracy, motivation, purpose. Letting go of centralised decisions. Keeping people intrinsically motivated – because when they start, they already are, and all you really need to do is keep them that way. Transparent compensation, not connected to performance. Psychological safety. Small steps, small experiments, that you can do at any scale. “When you want to figure these things out, the first thing you do is talk to everyone. Talking to people is free.” It works on all the levels. And yet, “it’s never perfect. It’s always one step at a time.” Purpose is your new boss.

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